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“Hundred Talents Program”Recipients
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Deng Youquan


Shi Yanping


Zhang Junyan

  Sun Wei


Di Duolong


Jia Junhong


Wang Jinqing


Huang Hanmin


Zhou Feng


Ren Sili


Yan Xingbin


Shi Feng


Li Fuwei


Liang Jun


Guo Zhiguang


Meng Junhu

 Li Hongguang    Bi Yingpu HAN Xiuxun  Zhang Junping
Qiu Hongdeng   Jiang Gaoxi  WANG Daoai  XIA Jibao 
SU Yijin   YANG Junli  WANG Zhaofeng  


Brief Introduction of Hundred Talents Program of CAS

The “Hundred Talents Program” of CAS was the first talent recruiting and training program in China with high aims, high standards and high level of support. Since its establishment in 1994, the “Hundred Talents Program” has been the backbone program for attracting and training academic and technological leaders. With the launch of the pilot project of the national knowledge innovation project in CAS, this program is making significant progress. Supported by an exclusive talent grant of the State, the “Program to engage outstanding overseas talents” was launched in 1998. At the meantime, CAS made the decision to support the recipients of the “National outstanding young investigator grant” with the “Hundred talents program”. In 2001, the program of “Chinese Oversea Established Scholars” was added. CAS has attracted and trained almost a thousand excellent talents with the “Hundred talents program” and constructed a team of excellent academic leaders. In addition, the program itself has become a well-known and influential talents program in the domestic and international academic societies. (From:


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