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First Scientist from China Receives 2011 Tribology Gold Medal
Date:27-02-2012 |

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in tribology, especially for his meritorious work in the field of aerospace applications, the 2011 Tribology Gold Medal, world’s top award in this field, was bestowed on Prof. XUE Qunji from the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (LICP). This is the first Chinese scientist who ever receives the award.
Britain's Ambassador to China, Mr. Sebstian Wood, presents the medal to Prof. XUE Qunji. (Image by LICP)

The Gold Medal and Parchment were presented at the Embassy in Beijing by Britain's Ambassador to China, Mr. Sebastian Wood, on February 27, 2012. 

 Britain's Ambassador to China, Mr. Sebstian Wood, presents the medal to Prof. XUE Qunji. (Image by LICP)

Prof. XUE’s research includes tribo chemical mechanism, novel anti wear and self-lubricating materials. He is the first researcher to propose the model of TZP ceramic phase transformation during wear process and the first one to form nano surface layers formed on traditional metal and ceramic materials.

"Recognised as one of the most outstanding and influential tribologists of the last forty years, Prof. XUE is a worthy recipient of the world's highest honour in tribology, the 2011 Tribology Gold Medal,” said the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in its presentation words.

XUE’s work also covers the fundamental tribo chemistry mechanism of oil additives, wear mechanism of polymer materials (PTFE), Nano-bearing effect of lubricating C60 carbon particles, fabrication and tribological characterization of different types of low coatings and the influence of these nano surface layers on wear and friction characteristics of the tribo-system.

XUE’s group was responsible for the successful applications of new solid lubricating films and self-lubricating materials including polymer-based moving parts, metal-polymers composite rolling bearings, self-lubricating seals for China’s space industry and military equipment industry.

The group’s research on space solid lubricating materials considerably contributed to the National Space Programme including manned spaceflights, the “space laboratories” and the exploration of the moon. New solid lubricating films or coatings are now used in Chinese satellites and spacecrafts from early-launched satellites to the Shenzhou-7 spacecraft.

On a wider global scale, Prof. XUE has made significant contributions which helped to raise the global standards of tribology. He worked as Vice President of International Tribology Council (1997-2007), Chairman of Asian Tribology Council (1999-2003) and Chairman of Chinese Tribology Institution (1997-2003), which gained much praise and recognitions in tribology community home and abroad.

The Tribology Gold Medal was established and first awarded in 1972 by the United Kingdom Institution of Mechanical Engineers. One Gold Medal is awarded each year for outstanding and supreme achievement in the field of Tribology. It is internationally recognized as the highest honor in tribology research and application. Up to now, 40 individuals from 14 different countries have won the award, including Prof. XUE.


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