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Signing Ceremony of Scientific Cooperation Between LICP and MDU Held in Lanzhou
2009-09-16 ArticleSource:General Office
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The signing ceremony of the scientific cooperation between Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, and Mingdao University was held in Lanzhou on September 15. On behalf of two sides, Prof. Liu Weimin, director of LICP, and Prof. Wang Dayong, president of Mingdao University signed Memorandum of the Cooperation Between LICP and MDU. Also present were Prof. Yan Fengyuan, vice laboratory director of the State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication, Prof. Zhang Junyan and related personnel of General Office.

LICP is in the leading position worldwide and possesses high-level research platforms and research team as far as the research on materials science and tribology is concerned. And in recent years, it has accomplished great achievements in these fields. Mingdo University has strong research-and-development capabilities in advanced functional materials, photoelectronl semiconductor, hard material films, nanometer materials and other fields. Through cooperation and mutual advantage complement, two sides will strive to strengthen cooperation in film preparation, materials science, surface engineering, test techniques in tribology and other areas and eventually contribute to the development of materials science and tribology.

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