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Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites has been published recently  (2008-06-18)
  Invited by Professor Klaus Friedrich, Professor Qihua Wang and Doctor Xianqiang Pei of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics participate in the compiling of the book of Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites. Recently, the book has been published by Elsevier Publishers. The book is consisted o... more
Nature China highlights research progress of LICP CAS  (2007-06-28)
  The research article “A new zinc–zinc-bonded compound with a dianionic -diimine ligand: synthesis and structure of [Na(THF)2]2 [LZn–ZnL] (L = [(2,6-iPr2C6H3)N(Me)C]22-)” by Xiao-Juan Yang et. al., form Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(LICP CAS), col... more
Porous carbon coating makes low friction and super-hydrophobicity a reality  (2009-03-16)
     How to make a rough surface with super-hdrophobicity while still having low friction? Jian Sui et al gave an answer. They successfully synthesized a porous carbon coating on titanium silicon carbide with combined self-lubricating and super-hydrophobicity properties through selective chlorina... more
Key Advance on Superamphiphobic Materials  (2009-03-02)
     Surfaces with extreme wettability have been a hot studied area for several years due to its strong application potentials. However, oil repellency, especially to those with extremely low surface tension, has always been a challenge in this area and is rarely reported so far. The research gro... more
Dr. Schaefer Conferred Honorary Professorship in LICP  (2006-11-01)
Dr. Henry F. Schaefer III, Graham-Purdue professor of chemistry and director of the Center for Computational Chemistry, the University of Georgia, was conferred honorary professorship in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, on September 26, 2006. He presented... more
Three distinguished Professors from Australia, United Kingdoms and the Nether...  (2006-10-30)
On October 12, 2006, three distinguished scientists on Colloids and Surfaces were invited to visit Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academic of Sciences. They are:
  Prof. John Ralston, Director of Ian Wark Research Institute and Laureate Professor of Physical Chemistry and Minera... more
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