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Lecture: Supramolecular Gel: From Synthesis to Applications (including HPLC)
2016-07-20 ArticleSource:
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Lecture: Supramolecular Gel: From Synthesis to Applications (including HPLC)

Lecturer: Prof. Hirotaka Ihara, Kumamoto University

Date: July 25

Time: 16:00

Place: Academic hall, 3rd Floor, Lihua Building

Introduction to Prof. Hirotaka Ihara:

Prof. Hirotaka IHARA received Ph.D from Kyushu University in 1982 under the supervision of Prof. Toyoki KUNITAKE. He became Assistant Professor in Kumamoto University in 1982, and has been working as Professor of Kumamoto University since 1997. He was also Professor of Kyoto University (2001) and Kinki University (2007–2012), and the MEXT/JSPS overseas research fellows in USA (1989, 2005), Russia (1999, 2004) and France (2011). He has also been Fellows of Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) since 2003 and the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) since 2015. He was a recipient of The Award of SPSJ (2014) with the study on supramolecular gel-based polymer systems. He published more than 300 papers. His research areas of specialization: functional polymer, self-assembling chemistry, nano-materials chemistry and their applications including HPLC

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