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Material Buidling
2011-04-06 ArticleSource:
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Material building is where the R&D Center of Lubricating and Protecting Materials located.
R&D Center of Lubricating and Protecting Materials
Research areas:
● Wear and surface engineering;
● Self-lubricating polymer materials;
● PVD lubricating films;
● Compound lubricating materials;
● Special grease and sealing materials;
● Metal matrix high temperature lubricating and anti-friction materials;
Director of the Center:     Prof. Chen Jianmin 
Vice-Directors of the Center:    Prof. Wang Qihua  Prof. Weng Lijun  
Address: No.18,Tianshui Middle Road,Lanzhou,P.R.China
ZIP Code:730000 Tel: 86-0931-4968009  Fax: 86-0931-8277088