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Key Laboratory of Chemistry of Northwestern Plant Resources, CAS
2011-04-07 ArticleSource:
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Brief introduction:
On the basis of the Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry of the Institute, the Key Laboratory for Natural Medicine of Gansu Province was established in the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the approval of the Gansu Provincial Sci. and Tech Department in 2002. The Key Laboratory of Chemistry of Northwestern Plant Resources, CAS, was also established with the approval of the CAS in 2010.
Basing on the major needs in population health, sustainable development of northwestern plant resources, the Laboratory mainly carries out the applied basic and high-tech research on characteristic northwestern plant resources and their application, such as the research on new materials and methods for separation and analysis, discovery and characterization of natural products from plant resources, application of the resources in medicine, health care and resource protection.
Through 50 years, the Laboratory has made remarkable achievements in gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and other fields. And it has developed into one of the important research units both in home and abroad. The Laboratory strives to build itself into the state key laboratory to better serve the country and people.
Research areas:

Discovering and characterization of natural products;
Separation and analysis materials and methods;
Functional application and resource protection;
 Director of the Laboratory: 
 Prof. Shi Yanping   E-mail:   Tel: +(86)-931-4968208
 Vice-Directors of the Laboratory:  
 Prof. Shao Shijun   E-mail:  Tel: +(86)-931-4968209
 Prof. Di Duolong  E-mail:  Tel: +(86)-931-4968248
Address: No.18,Tianshui Middle Road,Lanzhou,P.R.China
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