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Establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication
Prof. XUE established the Laboratory of Solid Lubrication in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and served as Head of this Laboratory until 1999 when he was appointed Director of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics developing tribomaterials to meet urgent needs in aviation, space and marine...
Significance of Prof. XUE’s studies
The results of Prof. XUE’s studies enabled the reduction of costs, energy losses through friction and wear leading to increased reliability and lifetime of many industrial installation, transportation in China. His group’s novel oil additives and solid lubricant are now mass produced in China, ...
Education of next generation of tribologists
Prof. XUE’s work has not limited to his scientific researches and leadership in the Chinese tribology area. He was actively and passionately involved in the education of next generation of tribologists. Over 60 PhDs have successfully finished their research work under his supervision, many of wh...
Outstanding research
Prof. XUE’s outstanding research has included tribo chemical mechanism, novel anti wear and self-lubricating materials. These covered inter alia the fundamental tribo chemistry mechanism of oil additives, wear mechanism of polymer materials (PTFE); the model of TZP ceramic phase transformation d...
Work in the field of space
In the field of space, Prof. XUE’s group was responsible for the successful applications of new solid lubricating films and self-lubricating materials including polymer-based moving parts, metal-polymers composite rolling bearings, self-lubricating seals for China’s space industry and military ...
Contributions to the global standards of tribology
On a wider global scale, Prof. XUE Hs made significant contributions which helped to raise the global standards of tribology. He acquired an international reputation as an outstanding researcher in these fields and his role as Vice President of International Tribology Council (1997-2007), the Cha...
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