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Zhang Zhaozhu, Ph,D,Group Manager.

Selected Publications:
1.Zhang Zhao-Zhu, Shen Wei-Chang, Liu Wei-Min, Xue Qun-Ji and Li Tong-Sheng.  WEAR, 196 (1996) 164-170.
2.Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Qun-Ji Xue, Wei-Min Liu, Wei-Chang Shen.  WEAR, 210 (1997) 151-156.
3.Qun-Ji Xue, Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Wei-Min Liu, Wei-Chang Shen.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 69 (1998) 1393-1402.
4.Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Qun-Ji Xue, Wei-Min Liu, Wei-Chang Shen.  Tribology International, 31 (1998) 361-368.
5.Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Wei-Min Liu, Qun-Ji Xue.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 80 (2001) 1891-1897.
6.Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Feng-Hua Su, Kun Wang, Wei Jiang, Xue-hu Men, Wei-Min Liu.  Materials Science and Engineering A, 404 (2005) 251-258.
7.Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Hao-Jie Song, Xue-Hu Men, Zhuang-Zhu Luo.  WEAR, 264 ( 2008 ) 599-605.
8.Zhuangzhu Luo, Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Litian Hu, Weimin Liu, Zhiguang Guo, Huijuan Zhang, and Wenjing Wang.  Advanced Materials, 20 (2008 ) 970-974.
9.Hao-Jie Song, Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Xue-Hu Men.  Applied Physics A, 91 ( 2008 ) 73-76.
10.Xue-Hu Men, Zhao-Zhu Zhang,Hao-Jie Song,Kun Wang,Wei Jiang. Composites Science and Technology, 68 ( 2008 ) 1042-1049.
11.Fang Guo, Zhao-Zhu Zhang, Hui-juan Zhang, Wei-min Liu.
  Composites: Part A, 40 (2009) 1305–1310.
12.Hui-juan Zhang, Zhao-zhu Zhang, Fang Guo, Wei Jiang, Wei-min Liu.  Tribology International, 42 (2009) 1061–1066.

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