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* 1. 石墨烯材料的宏量制备
* 2. 低维碳材料在储能、导热和场发射领域的应用研究
* 3. 新型电池材料(超级电容器、燃料电池、锂离子二次电池)
* 4. 石墨烯在生物医药领域的应用探索研究
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74.D.F. Sun, X.B. Yan*, J.W. Lang, Q.J. Xue, High performance supercapacitor electrode based on grapheme paper via flame-induced reduction of grapheme oxide paper. Journal of Power Sources.
73.J. Yang, X.B. Yan*, J.T. Chen, H.B. Ma, D.F. Sun, Q.J. Xue, Comparison between metal ion and polyelectrolyte functionalization of grapheme nanosheets for the electrophoretic deposition of graphene nanosheet films. RSC Advances 
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* 1.一种石墨烯-类金刚石复合薄膜的制备方法;阎兴斌,薛群基,杨娟;申请号:200910117743.6
* 2.一种碳纳米管-类金刚石复合薄膜的制备方法:阎兴斌,薛群基,杨娟;申请号:200910117744.0
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