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1H-NMR Metabonomic Analysis Based on Different Pattern Recognition for Urine Sample of DM Patients with Syndrome of Abnormal Savda
2012-12-21 ArticleSource:
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MA Xiao-li1 ,LANG Jun2 ,LI Lin-lin2,Halmurat·Upur2,Batur·Mamtimin1 , Kurexi2,WANG Li-feng2, JIAO Yi2,WANG Ye2, MAO Xin-min3

(1, Analytical& Testing Center, Xinjiang Medical University,Urumuqi 830000,China; 2.College of Basical,Xinjiang Medical University,Urumqi 830000,China; 3. College of Herbal Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University, Urumuqi 830000, China)

Abstract: To investigate the possibility of using 1H-NMR based on different pattern recognition for the urine samples of DM patients with abnormal savda syndrome. 1H-NMR technique was applied to the examination of the urine samples of 32 abnormal savda syndrome patients with DM and 29 healthy volunteers. Different pattern recognitions of principal component analysis (PCA),partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) and orthogonal to partial least squares discriminantanalysis (OPLS-DA) were used to distinguish the metabolic phenotypes. All different pattern recognitions can distinguish the metabolism products in urine of abnormal savda syndrome patients with DM and healthy people. OPLS-DA is more efficienct than PCA and PLS-DA in the metabonomic analysis.OPLS-DA method has more advantages over the other methods, on providing more evidences for probing the essences of DM with syndrome of abnormal savda and on the clinical  diagnosis of this disease.

Key words: abnormal savda; metabonomics;DM;urine;pattern recognition


Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments, Vol. 18, No. 3, 2012,129-134

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