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   The research in our group is focused on understanding and controlling intrinsic nanostructure, surface and interfacial chemistry of thin films and applying this knowledge to a range of problems in MEMS, nanotechnology, space crafts, and automobile. The microstructure of thin films dominates their macro-properties, such as mechanical, tribological behaviors; furthermore ...
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LICP Delegation Participates in Tenth National Conference on Tribology 11-22-2011    
LICP’s Four Achievements Granted With 2010 S&T Awards of Gansu Province 01-25-2011    
5th International Conference on Tribochemistry Held in Lanzhou 09-17-2009    
Prof. CHEN Yongsheng from the Nankai University Gives a Lecture at LICP 06-19-2009    
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Nano-structured DLC films with low friction and ...
The electrochemistry deposition of DLC films in ...
The correlation between intrinsic structure and ...
Electroplating process of Cr(III) and alloy ...
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Surface Texturing of Porous Silicon with Capillary Stress and Its Superhydrophobicity, Chemical Communications, 28(2009)4239-41
Morphology and microstructure of patterned nickel incorporated amorphous carbon films by simple pyrolysis. Applied Surface Science, 256(2010) 4873-8
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