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Research Position at Yiwu R&D Center for Functional Materials at LICP
2014-07-08 ArticleSource:
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About the Center:

Yiwu R&D Center for Functional Materials at the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established by LICP and Yiwu Municipality in May 2014. It is a non-profit research center aiming to develop functional materials especially applicable for characteristic industries in Yiwu.

Now there are 2 to 3 vacancies for research personnel.


1) Major

a) Master’s degree or above in polymer physics, chemistry and material science;

b) Master’s degree in applied chemistry, light-chemical engineering and textile engineering;

c) Master’s degree in material science and (inorganic nonmetallic materials;

2) Under the age of 35;

3) Cooperative and diligent;

4) Excellence in English;

5) Publications in key journals;

To apply, applicants should provide:

Job application form;

Curriculum Vitae including work and study experience;

Copy of academic degree certificate;

Contact information:

Contact person: Mr. CHEN, Yiwu R&D Center for Functional Materials


Tel: 0579-89900581

Postal code: 322000

Address: Room 5f-8, Building A, S&T Plaza, S&T Park, No.968 Xuefeng West Road, Yiwu

Contact person: Mr. ZHENG, Human Resources Department of the LICP


Tel: 0931-4968168



Interested parties, please send related materials to the e-mail above.

Address: No.18,Tianshui Middle Road,Lanzhou,P.R.China
ZIP Code:730000 Tel: 86-0931-4968009  Fax: 86-0931-8277088