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Copper-Manganese Catalysts Prepared by Precursor Method for Water-Gas Shift Reaction
2013-03-21 ArticleSource:
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HE Runxia, ZHI Keduan, LIU Quansheng, WU Fang, ZHOU Chenliang, ZHANG Pengbo

(Department of Chemical Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory of Industrial Catalysis, Hohhot 010051, China )

Abstract: Using basic copper acetate (Cu2(OH)3(OCOCH3)•H2O) which was prepared by hydrothermal method as Precursor, Copper-Manganese catalysts were prepared by ion exchange and calcinations. The as-prepared catalyst samples were characterized by XRD, SEM/TEM, FT-IR, TG/DTA and low temperature N2 adsorption/desorption, TPR,and tested for water gas shift (WGS) reaction. The results show that the synthesis of basic copper acetate were typical layered compounds and its interlayer distance was 0.93nm. After MnO4- exchanging, the interlayer distance became 0.74nm. The exchanges of products were calcined at different temperatures, which main crystalline phases were Cu after the WGS reaction. With the increased Calcinations temperature, the crystallinity of copper gradually increased, but it decreases at 1000℃. The activity of samples at calcinations temperature of 1000 ℃ was significantly higher than other calcined samples and its thermal-stability was good.

Key words: precursor method; basic copper acetate; ion-exchange; copper-manganese catalysts; water-gas shift reaction


Journal of Molecular Catalysis, Vol. 26, Issue 6, 2012, 522-528

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