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Lab of self-assembly and electroplating

Apparatus electronic balance, contact angle tester, ultrasonic generator, thermostats, electrochemical analyser, power source.


Multifunctional vapour phase deposition facility

Functions: Preparation of Metal, carbon and composite film. 


Electron beam-enhanced deposition facility

Functions: Deposition of Metal and ceramic mutilayer; Synthesis of nanoparticles. 


Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour phase deposition facility

Function: Preparation of diamond-like carbon  and metal organic film. 


Pulse plasma nitriding facility

Functions: Nitriding, vulcanization and bononizing of all kinds of metals. 


CHI760B Electrochemical analyzer

Functions: Anlysis of the electrochemical behavoirs of all kinds of electrolytes; estimating of the electrochemical properties of materials.


Mutifuctional pulse power source

Functions: Supply of direct and pulse current (0~10A).


Atmosphere-controlled friction tester

Functions: Analysis of the tribological behaviors for all kinds of materials in defferent atmosphere.

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