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 Nanostructured thin films and nanolubrication
 Natural Science Foundation of China
 The fabrication of DLC films via electrodepositon (50572108, 2006-2008)
 The correlation between intrinsic structure and wettability/tribology of ordered organic thin films(2067313,2007-2009)
 "863" Progrem from The Ministry of Science and Technology of The people's Republic of China
 Design and preparation of lubricating films with nanostructure(2007AA03Z338, 2008-2010)
 Natural Science Foundation of China-Russian Foundation for Basic Research
investigation of structure, electronic and tribological properties of C2N films deposited by sputtering of graphite target in nitrogen atmosphere (50710041, 2008-2009)
 Design and fabrication of super-lubrication surface (Subprogram)(2006-2008)
 Design of Mutilayer anti-wear coatings with high loading capacity (2006-2008)
 Science and technology committee of Lanzhou
 Development of trivalent chromium plating (2006-2007)

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