Address from the Director

   Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an institute engaged in fundamental and applied research on chemistry and chemical engineering. With serving the times and the nation’s needs as its own mission, LICP has gone through more than half a century’s glorious course since the establishment in 1958.

   Over the span of more than fifty years, with the attention and care from the Party and State leaders, LICP has, through the joint efforts of generations of LICP people, based itself on western China and achieved a number of substantial scientific findings in spite of the harsh conditions. With the remarkable achievements, LICP has contributed significantly to the country’s economic and national defense construction.

   In 2001 with the implementation of the Knowledge Innovation Program of the CAS, LICP has entered into a grand new period. Guided by the scientific development view, taking prospering the nation and serving the people as the main goal, LICP has seized the opportunity and made tremendous advances. The self-innovative capability has been strengthened, the quality of the staffs raised, the research environment improved, staffs’ cultural life enriched, etc. All of these have laid a solid foundation for LICP’s sustainable development. A new chapter in the history of LICP is opened up.

   Look into the future, with both opportunities and challenges ahead, we brim with confidence. We are committed to building LICP into an irreplaceable high-tech innovation research center of resource & energy chemistry and new materials in western China with the spirit of innovation, culture of collaboration and pursuit of excellence, to fulfill its public responsibility and make due contributions to the society.

   It is through the great effort of LICP people and with the concern of those who have been paying close attention to LICP that makes LICP what it is today. Here, on behalf of all the staffs of LICP, I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation.

   Here I here extend my warmest welcome to those who have talents and interest to join us.

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