Master 's and Doctroal Programmes Offered

Recruits students specialized

Post doctor: Chemistry

Doctor: Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry,MaterialScience

Master: Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis 

Characteristic Disciplines

Doctor and Master Program

Catalysis(physical chemistry, industrial catalysis specialized)

Major research areas:

a) heterogeneous catalysis and the selective oxidizes..

b) metalloorganic and coordination catalysis

c) biological catalysis and the environment catalysis

d) green catalysis

e) fine chemistry catalysis

Solid lubrication (Physical Chemistry and Material Science specialized)

Major research areas:

a. chemistry and physics of tribology

b. inorganic and metallic durable materials

c. organic lubricant materials

d. surface-tribology science

Natural Product Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry specialized)

Major research areas:

a. the separation & analysis

b. natural products chemistry

Eco-materials and eco-chemistry

Master program of Organic Chemistry

a. macromolecule film material,

b. macromolecule bio-functional

c. fine organic synthesis

Master program of Material Science

a. functional materials

b. materials surface engineering

c. film materials

Master program of Industrial Catalysis

a. new catalyst and catalytic process

b. eco-catalytic materials and their process and technology

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