List of Awards (1968-2019)

National Award for Natural Sciences (Second Class) 1

Preparation and properties of advanced lubricating materials 2006 

National Award for Technological Invention (Second Class) 1 2004

National Award for S&T Progress (Second Class) 3

Technological research on the decreasing of harmful components in cigarette smoke (Third rank among the units.) 2004

Techniques for the predication and prevention of earthquake disasters in loess areas (Second rank among the units.) 2001

Composites in air motor of LM-3A 1998

Award for Natural Sciences of Gansu Province (First class) (Cooperative unit) 1

Research on asymmetric catalytic synthesis methods with major pharmaceutical application  2008

Award for S&T Progress of Gansu Province (First class) 9

New techniques for oil analysis 1998

Molecular structure and tribological properties of lubricant additive 1999

Research on wear and lubrication of ceramic materials 2001

Multi-functional protective coatings with low surface energy 2002

High performance lubricating and sealing materials 2002

Chemical bases of catalytic reactions of enzyme and chemical simulation (enzyme) 2003

Research on ionic liquid as medium and its material research 2004

Development and tribological properties of nano-lubricating materials 2005

Preparation and application of new lubricant additive 2007

Award for S&T Progress of Shandong Province (First class) Won as the cooperative unit. 1

Award for S&T Progress of China Construction Machinery Industry AssociationWon as the cooperative unit.1

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