Enrollment Introduction

The Lanzhou Institute of Chemical PhysicsChinese Academy of Scienceswas founded in the year 1958 and now it has developed into the High-tech Innovative Research Base of Resource Chemistry and New Materials in the western part of China. It possesses two state key laboratories, one national engineering research center, one provincial key laboratory and three R&D centers. Currently, the Institute has undertaken various projects, such as national major basic and key research projects, fund projects and projects carried out in cooperation with enterprises. In April 2004 the Institute has entered into the Knowledge Innovation Program of the CAS with approval and thereby formed three major disciplinary fields, namely resource chemistry, new materials and chemical biology. The Institute is the major training base of PhDs of the CAS. At present, there is one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 70 tutors, around 300 postgraduates in their doctoral or master’s program and about 20 post-doctoral researchers in the Institute. It is planned to enroll around 50 candidates for the doctoral degree and 40 candidates for the master’s degree.

The enrolment of doctor degree candidates will be carried out twice in the year 2010. In spring, only those who pursue the doctoral degree immediately after earning the master’s degree will be admitted and in autumn only those who take the doctoral entrance examination will be admitted. It is planned to enroll 53 students in 2010 altogether, including 27 who pursue the doctoral degree immediately after getting the master’s degree.

It is planned to enroll 43 master degree candidates in 2010. As far as the material engineering major and chemical engineering major are concerned, no more than 10 candidates for the full-time engineering master will be enrolled. The number of those who apply for recommendation of exam-free admission will be limited to 4 to 6.

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