Complex Building

Buidling A, B and C  make up a complex building. The administrative departments are located in building C. The State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication is located in building A. The State Key Laboratory for Oxo Synthesis and Selective Oxidation, R&D Center for Green Chemistry and Catalysis and R&D Center for Eco-material and Eco-chemistry are located in building B.

State Key Laboratory for Oxo Synthesis and Selective Oxidation

Research areas:

●  Coordination chemistry and homogeneous catalysis;
●  Surface chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis;
●  Biocatalysis and chemical simulation;
●  Clean catalysis and catalytic process; 

 Director of the Laboratory:   Prof. Xia Chungu    
 Vice-Directors of the Laboratory:  Prof. Shi Feng  Prof. Lv Gongxuan  Prof. Sun Wei

State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication:

Research areas:

 Director of the Laboratory:  Prof. Zhou Feng     
 Vice-Directors of the Laboratory:  Prof. Yang Jun  Prof. Wang Peng  Prof. Wang Daoai

● Lubricating materials and technology under special working conditions;
● Wear of materials & surface engineering;
● High performance lubricating materials and their tribochemistry;
● Advanced lubricating and protecting materials;

R&D Center for Eco-material and Eco-chemistry:

Research areas:

 Director of the Center:  Prof. Wang Aiqing  
 Vice-Director of the Center:  Prof.Liu Gang  Prof.Zhang Junping

Research on environment-friendly ecological restoration materials;
Research on environment-friendly purifying materials;
Research on mechanism of the interaction between materials and soil;
Research on the integration of materials and application modes;
Technology for high value utilization of biomass resources; 
Technology for high value utilization of clay resources;
● Research on ionic liquid medium and functional materials;
Technology and process of non-phosgene synthesis of isocyanate;
Preparation and application of nano-noble metal catalysts;
New technology of the preparation and application of gold nano-noble metal catalysts;
Development and industrialization of gas purification and catalyst for fine petrochemicals;
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