Carbonyl Compounds—Reactants, Catalysts and Products

Recently, the book Carbonyl Compounds-Reagents, Catalysts and Products, written by Prof. SHI Feng, Associate Prof. WANG Hongli, assistant Prof. DAI Xingchao and other associates from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was officially released by Wiley‐VCH Press.

Cover of Carbonyl Compounds—Reactants, Catalysts and Products

As one of the most basic substances in the chemical industry, the synthesis and transformation of carbonyl compounds is integral to the industry and highly relevant to fields such as syngas chemistry, carbon dioxide emission reduction and utilization, and efficient utilization of carbon resources, providing significant technical support for addressing problems in resources, energy and the environment.

Carbonyl Compounds—Reactants, Catalysts and Products provides a fresh perspective on the construction and transformation of carbonyl molecules and presents to readers how carbonyl molecules have evolved as reagents, catalysts, and substances used in synthetic and functional molecules and materials as well as detailing the latest progress in scientific research. The book pivots on carbonyl compounds, describing how molecules containing the carbonyl group (such as CO, CO2, HCHO and HCOOH), carbonyl substitutes, in-situ construction of carbonyl molecules as synthetic chemical reagents, how molecules containing the carbonyl group in the carboxylic acid cycle or carbonyl/hydroxyl cycle are applied as catalysts in chemical reactions, and how molecules containing the carbonyl group are transformed into various functional molecules and materials (polyamides, phenolic resins, polyurea, polyesters, etc.) through oxidation, reduction, condensation, coupling reactions, etc. This book also looks at an overview and future outlook on the latest in research.

This is the first-ever book worldwide that summarizes the research on carbonyl compounds from the perspective of reactants, catalysts and products, providing important guidance on the development of carbonyl chemistry and the efficient utilization of carbon resources and a reference book for scientific researchers, engineering technicians and college students who are engaged in the research of the construction and application of carbonyl compounds.

Many teachers and students from the research group of integrated homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis in the State Key Laboratory for Oxo Synthesis and Selective Oxidation participated in writing this book.

Wang Hongli
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics

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