• New Method Helps Exfoliate Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets


    Chinese researchers recently reported an innovative mechanical process for controllably exfoliating hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets ( h-BNNSs ) .First author of the study . “ This method offers an environmentally friendly method to exfoliate h-BNNSs with controllable thickness by a rapid water freezing and subsequent ultrasonication process .

  • 【XINHUANET】Chinese researchers develop lubricated composite with high load-bearing capacity


    BEIJING , March 30 ( Xinhua ) - - Chinese researchers have designed a cartilage-like lubricated composite with mechanical robustness .According to a research article recently published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces . Natural articular cartilages show extraordinary tribological performance based on their penetrated surface l...

  • Researchers Report New Method for Iridium-catalyzed C(sp3)-H Borylation of Aminocyclopropanes


    Optically active aminocyclopropane and its derivatives are ubiquitous subunits of many biologically active natural products , pharmaceuticals , and agrochemicals .Traditional catalytic asymmetric methods rely on [ 2 + 1 ] cycloaddtion of enamine dertivatives and hydro ( carbo ) amination of cyclopropenes .The reactive sites of these substrates n...

  • LICP Develops a Novel Non-piezoelectrical Interfacial Triboelectrification-induced Mechanoluminescence System


    Mechanoluminescence ( ML ) is a type of luminescence that can convert the mechanics into light .Because of its unique characteristics , such as mechanics visualization and spatial resolution , ML provides novel thoughts to deal with the critical problems in mechanics sensing .To grasp and master the essence of ML and guide its future design and ...

  • LICP Devises a New Macroscale Superlubric Triboelectric Nanogenerator


    Triboelectric electrification is a common phenomenon in interfacial friction , in which electrons are continuously transferred , excited , and flowed between two surfaces .Most of the current research on the relationship between triboelectrification and friction force is based on contact resistance ( friction between metal and metal ) , surface ...

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