• LICP Prepares a Serial of Self-lubricating Coatings with Excellent Properties


    Low surface energy coating materials have crucial application prospects in fluid drag reduction , anti-fouling , self-cleaning , and anti-icing due to their unique wettability .The mechanical wear resistance of coating surface was greatly improved , and surface wettability was almost unchanged after 30000 friction cycles under 100 KPa . In addit...

  • New Method Helps Fabricate Tissue-like Wet and Slippery Hydrogels


    Chinese researchers recently demonstrated an innovative chemical method for engineering diverse layered hydrogels with wet and slippery features at room temperature .Layered hydrogel structures with wet and slippery features that are suitable for a wide range of applications including tissue-like models , soft robots and intelligent devices .” ...

  • LICP makes progresses far in the field of bionic lubricating materials


    Directional transportation of objects ( liquids and solids ) has crucial applications from energy transfer , intelligent robots to biomedical devices , which has become a frontier for research .Realizing directional solid transportation under a confined pressure environment requires a strong mechanical driving force to overcome the rising interf...

  • Novel DESs-Mediated Nanomaterials Display Excellent Nanozyme Performance


    Deep eutectic solvents ( DESs ) are an emerging class of solvents usually formed by hydrogen bond donors ( HBDs ) and hydrogen bond acceptors ( HBAs ) at a fixed molar ratio .Based on the above principle , the researchers synthesized Cu2 ( OH ) 3NO3 nanosheets at room temperature by adding Cu ( NO3 ) 2 to these DESs . The material shows oxidase-...

  • LICP Prepares 4D Printing of Dual-Stimuli Responsive Alginate Hydrogel


    Stimuli-responsive hydrogels not only express excellent biocompatibility , but also can respond when exposed to external stimulation , enabling a wider range of applications in biomedicine .The soaking strategy adopted was able to not only achieve step-wise volume contraction of the sodium alginate structure , but also continuous enhancement of ...

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